Effective English


You may feel that learning English is a long, never-ending journey. While I agree that it can be challenging, the truth is, it doesn’t have to be painful. 

Don’t you dream of the day when you can attend meetings, switching effortlessly between Japanese and English?

And afterwards, have the confidence to walk out, knowing that you got everything, and that people understood you 100% too.

No more clarifying with your co-worker, “Um, what did James say just now?” 

No more saying the same thing two, three times, and still not being understood.

No more looking at your schedule and dreading the global team call at 3 PM.

Hi, I’m Julia. I’ve been teaching ESL for close to eight years, and I love it. You may be surprised to hear though, I’m not passionate about teaching.

What I’m passionate about is, learning. I care about making learning experiences practical, interesting and effective for each of my clients.

Of course, learning can be fun. And sometimes it can be easy and you pick it up, just like that. 

But as you know, learning English is like climbing a mountain—it all depends on how high you want to go. The more ambitious your goals, the higher the climb, and the bigger the challenges. 

After a certain point in your learning journey, things get more challenging and you feel that you are not making any progress.

That’s when you could use a little support–whether it’s to build confidence, to sound more like a native when you speak, or to upgrade your skills. What got you here, may not get you there.


EFFECTIVE ENGLISH: a practical ESL course for Upper Intermediate and Advanced learners

What you’ll get:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals and current challenges + a mini-lesson for me to understand your current level, strengths and weaknesses (~1.5 hours).
  • 3 months of 50-minute lessons (once or twice weekly)
  • A personalised learning strategy (at the end of 3 months).

What you must know:

  • There’s no textbook or course guide.
  • Your lessons will be customised just for you, and I will create your lessons as we progress.
  • The real objective of the course is to create a learning strategy for you, so that by the end of three months, you have a clear idea about what you must do to learn effectively, if you’d like to study on your own.
  • You must be prepared to do some homework outside of your one-to-one lesson time. (~1 hour/week)
  • You must comfortably understand >75% of this page, because any additional materials (including your learning strategy) I write for you will be written at this level of English. I have no plans to offer translated resources in this course (and it’s not what you need!). 
  • I use apps like Skype, Google Docs, Trello, etc., so you need to be comfortable with technology. It’s okay if you don’t use them now. As long as you’re willing to learn, I’m happy to be your guide.
  • There is no dress code. Wear whatever feels comfortable (even if it’s your pajamas!) I’m a T-shirt gal myself.

What Others Say

Most of you have already worked with me before, but for those who haven’t, here are a few testimonials from past clients:

My Promise to You

I love what I do and invest a significant amount of time and money to improve the quality of what I offer. That’s given me a reputation for being an effective teacher.

If after 2 sessions, you don’t feel like this is working for you—if you’re not learning anything, not getting new perspectives, not enjoying your learning journey—just email me for a full refund, and we’ll part as friends.

Ask yourself…

Is English something you know you need for your future? Now could be the right time to make the investment in yourself.

Work is hectic enough as it is, without extra stress from not being able to say what you think in English.

Imagine where you will be in a year’s time, if you start today.

I’d love for you to join Effective English.

For this introductory offer, there are only 3-6 spots, because I want to make sure that I have enough time for each of you. Even though each lesson is only 50 minutes long, I will spend time before and after each lesson, to research, customise and/or create content specifically for you. So, shall we get started? 

Start learning better today: Effective English

15-lesson package(Once a week for 3 months)

3 monthly payments of S$229

Pay in full now and save S$38

27-lesson package(Twice a week for 3 months)

3 monthly payments of $397

Pay in full now and save S$54