About You


When you first started learning English, it was pretty fun. You picked things up easily. Everything made sense.

But as you now know, learning English is like climbing a mountain—it all depends on how high you want to go. The more ambitious your goals, the higher the climb, and the bigger the challenges.

After a certain point in your learning journey, things got more challenging. You’re working as hard as before, but somehow you’re stuck. You ask yourself, “Why am I not improving? Why do I keep making the same mistakes? Is my brain not working anymore!?”

This is when you could use some support–to build confidence, to speak more smoothly, to say clearly what you think, to get more comfortable participating in meetings, presentations, and so on.

I believe that anyone can learn to speak English smoothly. Including you.

The question is not whether you can improve. The question to ask yourself is:

How do I improve?